3 Things to Know About Sleep Apnea

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Loud snoring, waking up throughout the night … these things might be normal to you but they are also signs of a serious disorder that can increase your risk of serious medical issues. You might be at risk of this disorder — or have this disorder — and not even know it. Our Warrenton Va. dental office is here to help you pinpoint these issues and effectively treat the problems.

You might have already guessed that we’re talking about sleep apnea . This issue affects millions of people in the country, but unfortunately, not everyone understands the true risks of sleep apnea. Drs. Yung and Jelinek have been helping patients overcome their issues with sleep apnea for years. In fact, they have a special division of their practice, Virginia Sleep Solutions, dedicated to helping patients overcome their sleep apnea problems.

We have trained extensively in sleep apnea, and today we want to share 3 things you need to know about sleep apnea. This list will help you better understand the problem and what it means for your health.

  1. Sleep Apnea Causes Pauses in Breathing

People often think that sleep apnea is just snoring. Simple snoring is a symptom of sleep apnea, but sleep apnea occurs whenever a patient experiences pauses in breathing. There are two types of sleep apnea, central sleep apnea and obstructive sleep apnea, with obstructive sleep apnea being the most common. Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when soft tissue, usually the tongue, blocks the airway during sleep. Central sleep apnea occurs when the brain fails to send signals to the brain during sleep. People with severe sleep apnea often experience anywhere from 30 or 50 pauses in breathing an hour. Imagine how that disrupts your sleep and drains your body!

  1. Sleep Apnea Is Dangerous

It’s possible to die from complications with sleep apnea. Some patients have such severe problems that they stop breathing entirely. Google Reggie White. This NFL standout died because of sleep apnea complications at just 43 years old, just a few years after he stopped playing football. Additionally, sleep apnea elevates the blood pressure, increasing your risk for serious problems like heart disease, diabetes, or stroke. Whenever you experience pauses in breathing, your blood pressure shoots up. Imagine that happening dozens — or hundreds — of times throughout the night.  The problems don’t end there. Sleep apnea has been known to cause mood swings and even marital problems. Because most people with sleep apnea wake up feeling exhausted, we know that people with sleep apnea are at a greater risk of traffic collisions.

  1. You May Not Need A CPAP

If you know a little about sleep apnea, you might have heard about the CPAP. It’s a machine that pushes air into the lungs while you sleep. The CPAP includes a mask, a hose and a machine. The CPAP can treat both central sleep apnea and obstructive sleep apnea. It’s a great way to treat sleep apnea, but there is a problem. People hate wearing the CPAP machine, and it sometimes interrupts the bed partner. Studies have found that there is only about a 50 percent compliance rate with the CPAP machine. That’s not a number we dentists like to hear.

So, to help improve the treatment compliance and your comfort, we are using an oral appliance to treat obstructive sleep apnea. The oral appliance pushes the lower jaw forward during sleep so you airway stays open. The oral appliance does not disrupt your  sleep or your bed partner’s sleep, and you can take it anywhere, so it’s great for travelers.

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