March 9th is National False Teeth Day, a time to raise awareness about good dental care so you can have strong, secure teeth.

And your Warrenton dentists want to make clear that you can have that whether your teeth are real or not. 

That’s because we can anchor your restorations to dental implants, whether it’s a single dental crown or an entire arch of teeth, which deliver superior results – a bite that’s nearly as strong as that of natural teeth. 

After all, just because you’ve struggled with dental problems and now have to wear false teeth doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to live as fully as you did before!

Take it from Susan, the happy patient in today’s testimonial. Listen to her story about finding a lasting fix for her dental issues by supporting her dentures with dental implants!

If you have to wear false teeth, choose the most lifelike of any other restorative solution! Call Drs. Yung & Jelinek today at 540-386-1943 to schedule a dental implant consultation in Warrenton, VA.