Sleep Better And Longer With Oral Appliance [VIDEO]

Snoring Sleep Apnea Solutions 2 | Warrenton, VA | Drs. Yung & Jelinek

Not getting enough sleep or poor sleep are both signs of sleep apnea , a harmful condition that can seriously deplete your overall health. People with sleep apnea often snore throughout the night or wake up gasping for air.

Virginia Sleep Solutions, part of the practice of Drs. Yung & Jelinek Comprehensive Family Dentistry, can help you achieve a more restful night’s sleep. In many cases, we don’t have to use a CPAP to clear up your sleep apnea issues. The CPAP is a great way to treat sleep apnea, but patients find it intolerable because you must wear the mask for it to work. For those patients, we can design a custom oral appliance for you to wear while you sleep. The oral appliance is comfortable and will not disrupt your sleep or your sleep partners. If you have sleep apnea or a CPAP you can’t stand, give us a call today at 540-253-1377.

Now hear a word from one of our dedicated patients about how our sleep apnea solutions have helped her sleep better and longer.

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