No matter why your mouth hurts, you just want it to stop ASAP. If you call us in the morning, we’ll see you the same day. We’ll find the source of your pain and fix the problem causing it. To ease you discomfort or any anxiety you may feel about dental treatment, we can offer you one of three forms of sedation. 

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We can help you end pain caused by:

  • Toothache – If your toothache is caused by dental decay, we’ll repair it with a filling or a crown. The extent of the decay will determine which restoration we’ll use. If decay has gotten inside your tooth, it may have caused an infection that will require a root canal procedure to remove. While this treatment has a bad reputation, it is largely undeserved. Most patients tell us it’s no more uncomfortable than getting a filling. If your tooth is simply too damaged to repair, our dentists can gently extract it. 
  • Gum Disease – If your gums are sore and bleed when you brush or floss, you may have gum disease. It’s important to treat it as soon as possible. In its advanced stages it causes serious dental problems, including lost teeth. The good news is, early-stage gum disease can be treated with a deep-cleaning treatment, possibly supplemented with antibiotics. 
  • Teeth Grinding – A teeth grinding habit puts tremendous pressure on your jaw. This can lead to a painful TMJ disorder if your TMJ (the joints that connect your jaw to your skull) become inflamed. Not only that, but grinding can chip, crack, or even break teeth. Our dentists can fit you for a custom-made mouthguard that relieves the pressure on your jaw and protects your teeth too. 
  • Wisdom Teeth – Because wisdom teeth come in so much later than the other adult (permanent) teeth, there may not be room for them to erupt properly. They may become impacted, push against other teeth, or even become stuck under other teeth. To eliminate this source of pain, our dentists can extract the problematic teeth.

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