Put an End to Jaw Pain With Warrenton, VA TMJ Treatment

If you’re among the estimated 10 million Americans affected by a TMJ disorder, you may suffer from uncomfortable symptoms such as an aching jaw, headaches and migraines, and difficulty opening or closing your mouth. Our Warrenton, VA dentists can help to relieve your pain with noninvasive TMJ treatment. They’ll use a custom mouthguard that:

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  • Gently moves your jaw forward, easing tension on your temporomandibular joints (TMJ)
  • Prevents teeth grinding (bruxism), which many medical professionals believe is linked to TMJ disorder (TMD)
  • Is comfortable, thanks to its custom fit
  • Is less invasive than other forms of treatment such as surgery
  • Costs less than other treatment alternatives
  • Is completely reversible, unlike some other treatments

To find out more about TMJ treatment without surgery, call 540-253-1377.

Try Conservative Treatments First

No one is certain of what causes TMD. However, dental problems such as bite alignment issues and teeth grinding may play a role. Though not all medical professionals can agree on a cause or causes, all agree that it’s best to try the most conservative forms of TMD treatment first.

In addition to a custom mouthguard, our dentists may also recommend:

  • Eating soft foods to reduce stress from chewing
  • Applying moist heat and/or ice to alleviate inflammation and muscle pain
  • Using gentle stretching exercises to relieve muscle soreness
  • Taking anti-inflammatory medications and/or muscle relaxants

If you use a mouthguard and follow our other recommendations yet are still in pain, our dentists will consider other treatments until they find what works best for you.

Ready to relieve your chronic jaw pain? Our Warrenton, VA dentists have treated many TMJ disorders in their 70-plus combined years of practicing dentistry. To talk to them about TMJ treatment, call Drs. Yung & Jelinek at 540-253-1377 or use our convenient online form. Our office is located at 60 Rock Pointe Lane, just one block up from Piedmont Pediatrics.

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