Find Out More About Having a Tooth Removed in Warrenton, VA

Our dentists at Drs. Yung & Jelinek believe it is always best to save a patient’s tooth if it is possible. However, tooth removal may be the best option for you and your smile. When this is the case, our Warrenton, VA dental office will make the process simple and comfortable for you. Here’s what you can expect from us:

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  • Comforting amenities. Listen to your choice of soothing music with headphones, and relax with a cozy blanket and pillow. We want you comfortable!
  • Calming sedation. We offer nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas), oral sedation with a small pill, and even IV sedation if you don’t want to remember anything about your procedure. It’s your choice!
  • Compassionate staff. Our team loves to take time to make our patients feel relaxed and comfortable. We’ll talk you through your procedure to set your mind at ease.

If you’re in pain, give our Warrenton, VA dental office a call. We’ll try to save your tooth, but you can trust our decades of experience and gentle care if extraction is needed. Call 540-253-1377 today.

Learn Why Tooth Extraction Might Be Necessary

Removing a damaged tooth is not the first option for Dr. Yung and Dr. Jelinek. They would rather keep your tooth in place to help prevent bone loss and bite problems caused by the missing tooth. We have many restorative options such as tooth fillings, dental crowns, and even root canal treatment that can save your tooth and help you smile with confidence again.

However, here are some reasons you might need tooth removal from our Warrenton, VA dentists:

  • The tooth is too diseased or damaged to restore.
  • Your other teeth or gums are at risk from the infected tooth.
  • Your wisdom teeth need removal to help prevent problems.

Call our office today if you want to find out more about tooth removal: 540-253-1377. Our gentle staff will make sure you’re comfortable and relaxed!

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