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  • Prevent cavities with fluoride & dental sealants
  • Stay safe with low-radiation digital X-rays
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For a Healthy & Happy Smile, Visit a General Dentist in Warrenton, VA

Invest a little time in taking care of your teeth, and they’ll take care of you in return. General dentistry in Warrenton is a fantastic way to get a great-looking smile and maintain your oral health at the same time. The professional team at Drs. Yung & Jelinek has decades of experience in improving smiles! Here are a few of the benefits you’ll get from our general dental services:

  • Cavity and disease prevention for a healthier mouth
  • Removal of harmful plaque and bacteria from your teeth, preventing future dental problems
  • A cleaner, whiter smile to give you more confidence
  • Examinations to catch dental concerns such as gum disease and cracked teeth
  • Safe X-rays using digital imaging, which minimizes radiation exposure

Call our office today to schedule preventive dental services: 540-386-1943. We’re conveniently located on Rock Pointe Lane, near the intersection of Blackwell Road and North Hill Drive. Those without insurance can save on preventive dental care with our Platinum Club.

Enjoy Excellent Oral Health With Our General Dental Care

We offer a variety of general dentistry services in our office. Most people are aware of how important regular dental cleanings and exams are for preventing cavities, but your family will benefit from our dental care in many other ways, too. Our services include:

  • Fluoride treatment, including fluoride varnish, to prevent cavities and begin repairing microscopic areas of tooth decay
  • Tooth sealants to help prevent cavities and maintain a bright smile
  • Custom mouthguards to stop bruxism (teeth grinding) and eliminate TMJ discomfort
  • Bad breath treatment to freshen your breath and give you more confidence when talking and socializing
  • Dry mouth treatment to make talking and swallowing easier, plus decrease cavity-causing bacteria
  • Nonsurgical gum disease treatment, to keep your gums in great shape
  • Nutritional counseling to help you feel better through improved oral health and overall general health

Ready to see a whiter, healthier smile? Call our office today at 540-386-1943 for general dentistry in Warrenton. You can also schedule online.

Common Questions About General Dentistry

What is general dentistry?

Daily oral hygiene is essential to keeping your mouth clean and healthy. But as important as brushing and flossing are, they aren’t enough on their own to protect your teeth and gums. General dentistry covers a wide range of treatments designed to help you prevent and detect dental problems so you can keep your oral health on track.

Should I get fluoride treatment?

Fluoride, a mineral found in many foods and water, helps prevent cavities by making your tooth enamel stronger. It can even reverse early-stage decay. Since it contributes to the development of healthy teeth, children under 12 may benefit from fluoride treatment. In addition, cavity-prone adults may benefit as well. Ask us about fluoride if you have dry mouth, gum disease, or wear braces or other orthodontia.

Why do I need general dentistry?

General dentistry focuses on preventive care designed to keep your smile as healthy as possible by stopping issues like cavities and gum disease. So if you want your smile to look and feel good, general dentistry is essential. Regular exams and cleanings are the cornerstone of preventive care. They allow our team to find potential problems in their earliest stages when they are easiest to treat.

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