Prevent Further Tooth Damage With Natural-Looking Tooth Fillings in Warrenton, VA

At Drs. Yung & Jelinek, we’ve been saving smiles with tooth fillings for 30 years. We offer tooth-colored composite resin fillings that blend in discreetly with your other teeth – no ugly silver fillings for others to see. Tooth fillings are one of the most common dental procedures we perform.

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Without proper oral hygiene, it’s easy for dental decay to penetrate your tooth’s enamel over time and cause a cavity. Dental fillings are an effective way to fill in the cavity, stop decay, and restore your tooth. Here are some ways your smile will benefit from fillings in our office:

  • Save your tooth from further damage and avoid extraction.
  • Eliminate tooth pain and make it easier to bite and chew again.
  • Restore your tooth’s natural function and shape with a non-metal filling.
  • Avoid the additional cost of more extensive procedures such as root canal treatment.

Think you might have a cavity? Save your tooth and keep your smile healthy by calling our Warrenton, VA office to schedule a dental exam: 540-253-1377. We’re easy to find – near the intersection of North Hill Drive and Blackwell Road, just down the street from Cornerstone Baptist Church.

Learn How We Place Great-Looking Composite Fillings

Dr. Yung and Dr. Jelinek love to help our patients look and feel better. A filling is a great way to stop dental discomfort and help you smile confidently again. If we find a cavity, here’s what we’ll do to restore your tooth:

  • Gently remove the decay and damaged tooth material.
  • Clean the area to prepare it for the filling.
  • Place a discreet, composite resin filling to seal the area and prevent further decay.

Prevent Cavities With Regular Checkups and Good Oral Hygiene

You can help keep tooth decay away with good dental habits. Brush your teeth twice a day – usually morning and evening – and floss daily. Also, visit our Warrenton office every six months for regular cleanings and exams. We’ll gently clean cavity-causing plaque and bacteria from your teeth, plus check for any signs of decay.

Restore your teeth and your smile with great-looking composite tooth fillings! Call our Warrenton, VA office today at 540-253-1377.

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