With holiday parties around the corner, there will be a ton of opportunities for your photograph to be taken. The last thing you want people to be distracted by is a drab, dull smile. We’re sharing ways you can make your smile shine just in time for the fun and festivities!

  1. Whiten your teeth

One of the simplest and more affordable ways to transform your smile is by whitening your teeth. We offer two options for you – in-office or at-home whitening.

  1. Cover imperfections with veneers.

Veneers are often called instant orthodontics because they can help close minor gaps between teeth. They’re also great for covering up imperfections like chips, cracks, or stubborn stains. We have both composite and porcelain veneers for you to choose from!

  1. Tooth bonding

For a more affordable way to give your teeth a look of perfection, tooth bonding is a wonderful choice. Much like veneers, they will cover up chips, cracks, and minor flaws. The biggest difference is they don’t last as long as veneers.

  1. Visit us for a cleaning and exam

A dental cleaning is a great way to get rid of the plaque, tartar, and bacteria that have built up on your teeth. We’ll also do an exam to make sure you are free from gum disease, cavities, or other problems. Good oral health is the cornerstone of a beautiful smile!

  1. Don’t ignore damage or pain.

One of the worst things you can do is ignore damage or pain that has occurred. So between now and your upcoming holiday party, if you deal with pain or have damaged a tooth, make sure you visit us! We’ll restore your smile so you can enjoy the holiday season worry-free.

Make your smile shine! Call Drs. Yung & Jelinek today at 540-386-1943 to schedule an appointment in Warrenton, VA.