Thank goodness times have changed!

Imagine having a cavity and still having no other way to treat it other than dark metal dental fillings!

In a modern dental practice like Drs. Yung & Jelinek in Warrenton, VA, you can keep your smile healthy and beautiful at the same time, despite being affected by tooth decay.

That’s because we offer tooth-colored fillings, the way to treat cavities without disrupting your smile!

The Good, Bad, & Ugly Truth About Dental Fillings

We’ll start with the good news about dental fillings. They keep your mouth safe from the spread of tooth decay and bacterial infection.

That’s possible because the part of a tooth that’s been affected by decay is removed. Then the healthy tooth enamel that’s left behind will be used to give a dental filling something to bond with so the filling stays firmly in place. That seals the hole, or cavity, and prevents any further spread of decay.

The bad part is that this process only works if you treat tooth decay early enough. A cavity that’s left to sit unattended will get deeper and wider, leaving you no healthy enamel left to adhere to a standard filling. Once that happens, a more costly dental crown is the likely next option.

Now, for the ugly truth about dental fillings. Most of them are… well, ugly. That’s because many dentists still rely on metal fillings that are conspicuous and distracting. Everyone will notice you’ve had a dental problem because the evidence is visible every time you open your mouth.

Tooth-Colored Fillings Don’t Disrupt Your Smile!

In the past, you didn’t have much of a choice when it came to the material used to fill a cavity. The typical solution was to use gold fillings or amalgam, which was a mix of different metals that resulted in a dark, silvery filling.

That wasn’t really an issue as long as your mouth was safe from decay and protected against a worsening dental problem.

Where limited options did become a problem, however, was how these dental fillings affected your teeth cosmetically. Depending on where your cavity was located, it could be visible when you smiled or when you opened your mouth to laugh, sing, or speak.

The point is, dental fillings of the past were unsightly and distracting.

That’s all changed thanks to composite fillings!

We’re able to remove the decay and fill your cavity with a composite resin that’s matched to your natural tooth color, so your restorative treatment won’t leave being any visible evidence!

You no longer have to sacrifice a great-looking smile for a healthy one.

Tooth-colored fillings allow you to have both, which is just another way dentistry has improved over time!

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At Drs. Yung & Jelinek, we think you shouldn’t have to choose between health and beauty. With our tooth-colored fillings, you can have both. You’ll be safe from tooth decay and be able to smile confidently without a distracting dark filling.

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