For most folks, this time of year is a fun time. But full calendars and long to-do lists can make the holidays stressful too. As your dentists, we hate to see stress take a toll on your teeth.

Check out this short video from the Mayo Clinic for some good ways to lessen stress during the holidays. 

And here is our advice on stress specifically as it relates to your smile:

  • Keep Up Good Oral Hygiene – Stress often causes people to neglect routines, including daily brushing and flossing. But doing so can lead to cavities and gum disease. In fact, stress weakens your body’s ability to fight off infection – including a gum infection. So make sure you continue to brush at least twice a day and floss once.
  • Drink Lots of Water – Stress can dry out your mouth, which also makes you more susceptible to dental problems. A good way to combat this saliva shortage is by drinking plenty of water. You can also run a humidifier at night and suck on sugar-free candy or chew sugar-free gum. If that doesn’t do the trick, we can suggest products that should help.
  • Get a Mouthguard – One bad habit related to stress is teeth grinding. It can chip or crack teeth, as well as cause jaw pain and headaches. Our dentists can fit you for a custom-made mouthguard that will prevent grinding. 

Don’t let stress take a toll on your teeth! If you need to make an appointment to visit our office in Warrenton, VA, call Drs. Yung & Jelinek today at 540-386-1943.