The last thing most people want to do is have oral surgery.

Even so, there are times when it’s essential for your long-term oral health. It’s also a service we are glad to offer for our patients in and around Warrenton, VA.

Whether you need teeth removed, a root canal procedure, or a graft procedure, we can help you at the office of Drs. Yung & Jelinek. Call 540-386-1943 to make an appointment.

Today, we want to discuss some of the most common treatments we offer and why you or someone close to you could benefit from dental surgery.

Save Your Smile With Surgery

You’ve heard the phrase “cut your losses.” It means to take action to stop a bad situation from getting worse.

Many times, that’s why oral surgery is needed. You may have a problem that is putting your smile and your long-term oral health at risk. Oral surgery can remove the problem and prepare you to be healthy going forward.

Root canal treatments are one of the common procedures we do for this reason. A root canal is needed when a tooth is infected or likely to become infected. Anyone who has had this problem knows how painful an infected tooth can be. A root canal is how we remove the infected, so the tooth can be restored to its full, pain-free function.

Tooth extractions occur more often than many people realize. When a tooth has been severely damaged, it may not be possible to fix it with a dental crown. By removing the tooth, you can set the stage to replace it with a dental bridge or a dental implant and crown.

Extractions also can be helpful for someone considering orthodontic care. If severe crowding is an issue, removing a tooth or two can make their orthodontic treatment much simpler.

Wisdom teeth removal is something many people need as well. Wisdom teeth are the third molars. They generally erupt when people are in their late teens or early 20s. The problem is few people’s jaws are large enough for this teeth to come in correctly. With X-rays we can determine if wisdom teeth could cause other problems. In those situations, removing them can help you avoid a lifetime of other issues.

A bone or gum graft is how you replace something you’ve lost. When you lose teeth, bone loss in your jaw is often a consequence. When you have gum disease, it can damage gum tissue that needs to be removed and may need to be replaced.

Get Your Procedure Painlessly

Many people feel anxiety when facing oral surgery. By coming to our practice, you can be confident that you’ll be pain-free. We offer three levels of sedation dentistry, so you won’t feel anything during your procedure.

We’re Here To Help

We hope you never need oral surgery, but if you do, we can help with many procedures. Call Drs. Yung & Jelinek today at 540-386-1943 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation in Warrenton, VA.