The season of love is upon us, which means you might have special plans for Valentine’s Day.

But before date night, you’ll want to make sure your mouth is clean and minty fresh.

Nothing kills the mood quite like bad breath when you cozy up with your sweetheart, and if you’ve noticed that mouthwash and mints aren’t enough to mask the odor in your mouth, you may need help from your Warrenton dentist.

Take this quiz to see what might be causing your bad breath. It could just be the food you’re eating, maybe it’s time to up your oral hygiene game, or perhaps it’s something more.

Persistent halitosis could be caused by gum disease infection, and if that’s the case, don’t waste a moment before visiting us for a dental cleaning and exam. Catching gum disease early is your best chance for reversing it, keeping it under control, and saving your smile!

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