If you don’t want to be among the millions of Americans who will lose at least one tooth over the course of a lifetime, it’s time to partner with a dentist in Warrenton that you can trust to keep your oral health on track. Please read on to hear about some of the ways you can prevent adult tooth loss, and then be sure to schedule your next appointment with the dental team you can turn to for both preventive and restorative dental solutions.

Create New Oral Hygiene Habits

If you haven’t been keeping up with your daily oral hygiene routine, let’s begin to turn things around. Otherwise, you will begin to experience a buildup of plaque, which is the sticky white film made of bacteria that lives in everyone’s mouths. This situation can lead to tooth decay and gum disease that can result in a complete loss of your teeth. It is not worth taking any chances. Find a good toothbrush and toothpaste, some dental floss and mouthwash. Then get to work!

Detect And Treat Cavities Sooner Than Later

Get this: tooth decay that goes untreated or undetected for too long is a major cause of tooth loss. While it is true that you can still end up with cavities even when you are taking good care of your teeth, brushing and flossing diligently will increase your protective factors. Seeing a dentist every six months, will ensure that nothing has gone awry since your last visit.

Know About The Dangers Of Gum Disease

Gum disease (which starts out as gingivitis and ends up as periodontal disease) is also caused by oral bacteria. That bacteria is present in your mouth before you ever even have your baby teeth. And whenever that bacteria gets below your gum-line it starts to cause inflammation, infection, and eventual weakening of your gums.

The gums start to recede, showing more and more of the roots of your teeth until they start to lose stability. The loss of stability as a result of untreated gum disease will get worse and worse until your gums and bone can’t support your teeth anymore.

Many gum disease patients lose multiple teeth rather quickly as the infection spreads from one tooth to another. Gum disease can also lead to bigger problems elsewhere in your body. It has been linked to all sorts of health issues. Know the facts, and keep us in the loop! If treated in the early stages, gum disease can be easily reveresed!

Watch Out For Accidental Dental Damage

An accident is something that can happen at any time to anyone. A car crash, sports injury, or just a slip-and-fall injury on the sidewalk can happen without much warning. Teeth are lost from that kind of trauma all the time! In many instances a damaged tooth can be saved with a crown or other restoration, but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes there’s nothing that can be done. But we will set you up with a great replacement plan if need be. To do your part in preventing the unexpected, be aware of your surroundings, and wear a protective mouthguard if you play sports or engage in any intense exercise activities.

Work Through Your Dental Anxiety

Don’t set yourself up for failure. Periodic exams and professional cleanings are essential for eradicating food particles, dangerous bacteria, etc. During those checkup appointments we are able to catch problems like cavities and gum disease far earlier than you can spot them on your own.

We are here for you but we won’t be able to do much good if you never come around to see us. If you have any level of dental anxiety, please tell us about it. We are a gentle dental care team and we are certified to administer sedation dentistry that is designed to make your experience pleasant and painless. We’ll do whatever it takes to get you back on the good road, in terms of oral health.

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