In stressful situations, your body will often tense up even if you don’t realize it.

Your brow might furrow, you probably wring your hands, and maybe your stomach will become tied up in knots.

None of that will impact your oral health, though. But if your involuntary response to stress is to clench your jaw, grind your teeth, and feel the muscles in your neck and shoulders tighten, it could be a sign that your smile is in real trouble.

Teeth grinding and other TMJ-related problems can damage your tooth enamel, increase your risk for tooth decay, cavities, and dental fractures, and even interfere with your sleep.

For TMJ Awareness Month, we want to make sure none of these symptoms are making you miserable or putting your oral health at risk. So check out this infographic to see if you might need to visit us for a custom mouthguard and other teeth grinding solutions that will relieve your discomfort and heal your jaw naturally.

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