If you have missing teeth or failing teeth, you’ll need to replace the gaps in your smile with something that is reliable and natural-looking. It’s nerve-wracking to lose a tooth, but when you come to Warrenton Va. dental office, we have great ways to replace your natural teeth.

We’re using dental implants to replace single missing teeth — or large sections of missing teeth. What’s so incredible about dental implants is that they are made from titanium and naturally merge with the jawbone. So, when the implant heals, it becomes part of your body.

Many our patients know first-hand what an implant can do for someone’s health. Here is a testimonial from Delores, a patient who broke two teeth while eating one of her favorite snacks. She resolved her issue with implants, and she says her teeth function great. If you need a similar solution, give our office a call today at 540-386-1943 or use the online form to schedule an appointment.