Braces are painful. They take too much time. They cost too much. These are three problems our Warrenton Virginia dental office has heard regarding braces for decades. We understand the concern, and so we’ve found a treatment that answers all of those concerns. It’s called Fastbraces, and it’s a short-term orthodontic system for adults and even teens that rapidly moves teeth into a better position in only 20 weeks — or about 120 days.

Drs. Yung & Jelinek have trained in all aspects of general dentistry and provide orthodontic treatments that fit with everyone’s lifestyle and smile goals. We have conventional orthodontics for children and adults with severe orthodontic issues, but today we want to share a little more information about Fastbraces. If you began your treatment today, you’d have a straight, beautiful smile before the holidays begin.

Here’s more:

You Don’t Need Braces for Two Years

You might hear the word braces and completely write off treatment, but as we mentioned before, Fastbraces aren’t the braces you have in mind. Fastbraces has a special triangular bracket and super-elastic wire (you’ll use one wire throughout the entire treatment) that work together to quickly straighten your teeth. Unlike traditional braces that works in two different stages (moving the root and crown of the tooth at separate time), Fastbraces moves everything at once. The treatment will immediately move the root of the teeth. This drastically reduces the time of the treatment and decreases the sensitivity.

Fastbraces can treat many moderate orthodontic issues including some bite issues. Aside from straightening the teeth in a quick, affordable way, our patients love Fastbraces for these reasons:

  • LESS RETAINER USE (only 15 to 20 minutes a day)

Reasons to Straighten Your Teeth

It’s no secret that straight teeth look better. When your teeth are nice and straight, you’ll experience more confidence and thrive more in social and professional situations. This could lead to better personal and professional relationships! Studies also have found that teeth are one of the most important things when it comes to making a good first impression. People with a good smile are seen as more successful, wealthier, and even smarter.

But straight teeth also help you in other ways beyond appearance and how others perceive you. Straight teeth make it easier to clean your mouth because plaque and bacteria have fewer places to hide. Additionally, when the teeth come together perfectly, your bite is balanced and creates less risk of problems like tooth fractures or chips.

Fastbraces can make your smile straighter, more uniformed, and healthier!

Start Straightening Your Teeth Today

You can start the process of straightening your teeth right now whenever you call us at 540-386-1943 to schedule your first visit. We’ll assess your mouth, listen to your smile goals, and then come up with a treatment plan. We can’t wait to meet you!